10 Casual Word in Bahasa

Hey, wellcome back ! Selamat datang kembali. Now we will learn about 10 casual word for conversation in Bahasa Indonesia. Before we learn, we need to know the vocabulary first. let’s we started !


Bagaimana = how
Apa = what
Mau = Want
Pergi = Go/went
Siapa = who/whom
Kemana = where
Sama = With/same
Jam = Time/watch
Makan = eat


Pharases and Sentences:

Apa kabar ? / Gimana kabarnya
How are you?

Lagi apa?
What are you doing?

What are you doing

Mau kemana
Where are you going?

Sama siapa?
With whom?

Mau makan apa?
What do you want to eat

Pergi yuk
Let’s go

Jam berapa?
What time ?

Tinggal dimana?
Where do you live?

Asalnya dari mana?
Where are you come from?

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Now we have learn about 10 casual word in Bahasa Indonesia. If you have any question or something to ask, you can write comment on bellow. Semangat ! 


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