Number in Bahasa Part 1 (0-19)

Number in Bahasa is angka. Now we will learn about number in Bahasa. NolZero (0) SatuOne (1) DuaTwo (2) TigaThree (3) EmpatFor (4) LimaFive (5) EnamSix (6) TujuhSeven (7) DelapanEight (8) SembilanNine (9) SepuluhTen (10) SebelasEleven (11) – belas– teen Dua belasTwelve (12) Tiga belasThirteen (13) Empat belasFourteen (14) Lima belasFifteen (15) Enam belasSixteen (16) […]

Months in Bahasa Indonesia

The Bahasa Indonesia words for ‘month’ is bulan. Now we will learn about months in Bahasa Indonesia: JanuariJanuary FebruariFebruary MarchMaret AprilApril MeiMay JuniJune JuliJuly AgustusAugust SeptemberSeptember OktoberOctober NovemberNovember DesemberDecember Bulan LaluLast Month Bulan IniThis Month Bulan DepanNext Month Satu bulan lalua month ago Dua bulan laluTwo month ago Read More:Days of the Week in Bahasa IndonesiaList of […]

10 Basic Bahasa Indonesia Words to Know

If you just learn Bahasa Indonesia, here’s a list of useful phrases to impress your Indonesian friends. TerimakasihThank you Apakabar? How are you? Yayes Tidak / gaNo Aku/SayaI,me KamuYou PermisiExcuse me MaafSorry Sampai jumpaSee you Dadah / dah Good bye Read More:Months in Bahasa IndonesiaDays of the Week in Bahasa Indonesia List of PronounQuestion Word in […]

List of Pronoun Bahasa Indonesia

Selamat datang kembali. Wellcome back! If you want to calling someone or you want to telling about the other people to your friends, you will need to know pronoun to help you. So now we will learn about pronoun in Bahasa Indonesia. Personal Pronoun Saya/ AkuI/me KamuYou DiaHer/Him MerekaThem KitaUs KamiWe Possessive Pronoun Punya saya/aku, […]

Job “Apa pekerjaanmu?”

We will learn how to talking about job in Bahasa Indonesia. There are a lots of situation where we meet someone new andwe want to tell them about our job. So let’s started Hi apakabar? Hi how are you? Siapa namamu?What is your name? Apa pekerjaanmu?What is your job? Saya adalah seorang dokterI am a […]

Question Word in Bahasa Indonesia

Question words used to ask a question. In Bahasa Indonesia, we use WH as a basic question. The most common question words in Bahasa Indonesia are the following: Qustion Word Meaning Fungtion Apa What to ask about things Siapa Who to ask about people Kapan When to ask about time DimanaKemanaDarimana Where to ask about locations Mengapa […]

Time in Bahasa Indonesia

Before we learn make a sentence, we need to know how to expressing time in Bahasa Indonesia. Is there any difference between the time in English and Bahasa? Actually there is no difference between time in English and Bahasa. When you tell the time in Bahasa Indonesia, the hours always come fisrt. Here is the […]

Days of the Week in Bahasa Indonesia

Hi selamat datang kembali, wellcome back. In this section we will learn about days of the week in Bahasa Indonesia. Minggu Sunday SeninMonday SelasaTuesday Rabu Wednesday Kamis Thursday Jumat Friday Sabtu Saturday Kemarin Lusa Day before Yesterday KemarinYesterday Hari iniToday Besok Tomorrow Lusa Day after tomorow Read More:Months in Bahasa Indonesia Family MemberTime in Bahasa […]

Family Member

In this post, we will learn how to call Family member in Bahasa Indonesia. For Indonesian, family is very important. Indonesian have unique tradition. People who work or living at out of town, they will back to their hometown once a year to celebrate Eid Mubarak with their big family. Even they were married, they […]