Directions inside a Building Dialog

Do you ever asked direction inside a building to someone? and what do you say? Now we will about give direction inside a building in Bahasa Indonesia. Let’s started ! Dialog 1 At school : Hi, Dimana letak kelas?Hi, Where is the class? Naik tangga, lurus ke lorong dan ke kiri It’s up stairs, straight […]

Travel : at Restaurant Dialog

Hi wellcome back. When you go to somewhere in Indonesia and you want to order food but the waiters can’t speak english, how you will reserve and order your food? what would you say? So now we will practice how to talk and dialog at Restaurant in Bahasa Indonesia. Let’s started ! Dialog at Restaurant […]

Travel : Asking for Direction Dialog

Hallo, apakabar? In this lesson we will practice how to asking direction in Bahasa Indonesia. Before we start the conversation, we need to know direction vocabulary in Bahasa Indonesia. So let’s we started Dialog 1 : PermisiExcuse me Bisakah Anda memberi tahu saya cara menuju ke terminal bis?Could you tell me how to get to […]

Nature Vocab and Conversation in Bahasa Indonesia

Hallo, apakabar semua ? Now we will learn about nature in Bahasa Indonesia. In Bahasa Indonesa nature mean Alam. If you visit Indonesia you can find beautifull places spread accross more than 17000 islands. You can hike or climb a mountain, swim on the beach, and diving. So let’s started : AlamNature TanamanPlant PohonTree BinatangAnimal […]

Talking About Vacation Bahasa Indonesia

Hi, apakabar? wellcome back. Sometimes when people working alot they need time to time off and go vacation for relaxing. So now we will talk about vacation in Bahasa Indonesia. Let’s started: Bagaimana liburanmu?How was your vacation? Bagaimana perjalananmu? How was your trip? Kemana kamu pergi untuk berlibur? Where did you go for vacation? Saya […]

Job “Apa pekerjaanmu?”

We will learn how to talking about job in Bahasa Indonesia. There are a lots of situation where we meet someone new andwe want to tell them about our job. So let’s started Hi apakabar? Hi how are you? Siapa namamu?What is your name? Apa pekerjaanmu?What is your job? Saya adalah seorang dokterI am a […]