Travel : Hotel Reservation

Do you want to travel to somewhere? or go for bussines travel? How do you say to making a reservation in Bahasa Indonesia? So now we will learn how Indonesian people making a hotel Reservation. Let’s Go !!!   Reservation : Saya ingin memesan kamar I’d like a room please Apa ada kamar yang kosong? […]

Saying Goodbye in Bahasa Indonesia

Saying goodbye is never easy to do especially if we don’t know when we meet again. Whether you are bidding farewell to friends you are going to see later or saying goodbye to people you will never see again, in Bahasa has lots of different options. For example : Dah !Bye ! Dadah !Bye bye […]

Travel : Reserve and Buy a Ticket Pharases

Do you have a plan for this weekend? Where would you go ? What do you need before you go? Now we will learn about reserve and buy a ticket phrases in Bahasa Indonesia. Let’s started ! Buy a Tickets Berapa harga tiketnya?How much is the price of the ticket? Berapa harga tiket untuk ke…?How […]

Making Request About Manner of Speech

Apakabar semua? Now we will learn how to making request about manner of speech. Kuy ! To ask someone to repeat Boleh tolong diulangi? Please repeat. Apa ? What? Formal : Apa yang kamu katakan tadi?Informal : Kamu bilang apa tadi? What did you say? To ask someone to pause/stop for a moment Tunggu sebentar […]

Asking for Help Phrases

Every people can’t live alone in this world. Sometimes we need people to share anything with us and sometime we need their help for something to do. So what do you say when you want asking people to help you? Now we learn about how to asking for help in Bahasa Indonesia. Would you help […]

Phrases for Apologizing

Have you ever made a mistake? what do you say when you want to apologize for your mistake? Now we will learn about phrases for apologizing in Bahasa Indonesia. Let’s we started ! MaafSorry, Pardon Aku minta maafI beg your pardon, I am sorry Aku benar-benar minta maafI am really sorry PermisiExcuse me Tunggu sebentarWait […]

Shopping Time !

Do you love shopping ? what would you say when you want to buy something and bagaining at the market? In this lesson we will learn how buying and bargaining in Bahasa Indonesia. Buying and bargaining at the Market Apa yang ingin Anda beli?What would you like to buy? Berapa ini?How much is this? Itu […]

Learning Bahasa Fast for Beginner !

Do you want to learn Bahasa Indonesia with fast? in this time we will learn about daily expressions in Bahasa Indonesia. Let’s we started ! Greetings Selamat pagi/siang/malamGood morning/afternoon/evening Selamat pagi/siang/malam jugaGood morning/afternoon/evening too Apakabar?How are you? Baik, mau?Fine. You? Kamu mau pergi kemana?Where are you going? Suatu tempatSomewhere Dari mana kamu berasal?Where did you […]

Thank You Phrases

Hallo selamat datang kembali. Wellcome back ! Do you ever ask people to help you? What do you say after they help you ? So now we will learn how to say and respond thank you in Bahasa Indonesia. Ways To Say Thank You TerimakasihThank you Terimakasih banyakThank you so much or thanks a lot […]

“I Love You” in Bahasa Indonesia

Indonesian has some words to express their feelings. There are 3 magic words how to say I love you in Bahasa Indonesia : Aku suka kamuSuka has meaning “Like” in English. For example if you love to dance you can say “Aku sangat suka menari”. In english its mean “I love dancing very much”. Or […]