“I Love You” in Bahasa Indonesia

Indonesian has some words to express their feelings. There are 3 magic words how to say I love you in Bahasa Indonesia :

Aku suka kamu
Suka has meaning “Like” in English. For example if you love to dance you can say “Aku sangat suka menari”. In english its mean “I love dancing very much”. Or when you eat something and you like it you can use “suka”, for example “Aku sangat suka ini”, it’s mean “I really love this”

Aku cinta kamu
Cinta used for someone you love, like your girlfriend or your boyfriend.You can say “Aku cinta kamu” with means “I love you” in english. If you “cinta” someone, sometimes you will getting jealous.

Aku sayang kamu
Both sayang and cinta are same. But sayang is more deepest than cinta and universal. If you say you “sayang” to someone, it’s mean you really love them with your deepest heart. You can say sayang to your family, your best friend, and someone who really important to you. For example you can say to your mom “Aku sayang mamah”, that’s mean “I love you mom”. Or if you have pet and you really love them you can use sayang to express your feelings.

If you have any question about how to say I love you in Bahasa Indonesia and have something to ask, you can write comment on bellow. Selamat mencoba 🙂


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