Job “Apa pekerjaanmu?”

We will learn how to talking about job in Bahasa Indonesia. There are a lots of situation where we meet someone new andwe want to tell them about our job. So let’s started


Hi apakabar?
Hi how are you?

Siapa namamu?
What is your name?

Apa pekerjaanmu?
What is your job?

Saya adalah seorang dokter
I am a doctor

dan kamu?
and you?

Saya adalah seorang guru
I am a teacher

Dimana tempat kamu bekerja?
Where do you work?

Saya bekerja di Jakarta International School
I work for Jakarta International School

Apa pekerjaanmu?
What do you do?

Saya bekerja di sebuah bank
I work in a bank

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If you have any question and have something to ask about how to talking about job in Bahasa Indonesia, you can write comment on bellow. Selamat mencoba  🙂


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