Travel : Navigating Passport Control Dialog

Hallo, are you ready for travel? Indonesia has many beautifull places you can visit. Imagine you just landed after long flight to Indonesia and you want go to the Hotel for rest but first you must go to Passport Control. What will they ask you? and How should you respond? So now we will learn about conversation in Passport Control with Bahasa Indonesia

Boleh saya lihat paspornya?
Passport please

Hallo, ini
Hallo here you are

Berapa lama kamu akan tinggal?
How long will you be staying?

Dua minggu
For two weeks

Dan dimana kamu akan tinggal?
And where will you be staying?

Di Hotel Aston
At the Aston Hotel

Apa tujuan kunjungan Anda?
What is the purpose of your visit

Saya kesini untuk Bisnis
I’m here in Bussines

Baik, Terimakasih
Okay, Thank you

Selamat datang di Indonesia
Wellcome to Indonesia


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So are you ready for flight to Indonesia ? If you have any question and have something to ask you can write comment on bellow. Selamat bersenang-senang 🙂


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