Question Word in Bahasa Indonesia

Question words used to ask a question. In Bahasa Indonesia, we use WH as a basic question. The most common question words in Bahasa Indonesia are the following:

Qustion WordMeaning Fungtion
ApaWhatto ask about things
SiapaWhoto ask about people
KapanWhento ask about time
Whereto ask about locations
MengapaWhyto ask for the reason
BagaimanaHow?to ask about the way things happen or are done
BerapaHow much
How oftern
How long
to ask about the number or amount

For example :

Apa makanan kesukaanmu?
What is your favorite food?

Siapa pemain bola kesukaanmu?
Who is your favorite football player?

Kapan hari ulang tahunmu?
When is your birthday

Dimana (di means at)
Dimana kamu tinggal?
Where do you live?

Kemana (ke means to)
Kemana kamu akan pergi?
Where are you going?

Darimana (dari means from)
Darimana kamu berasal?
Where are you going?

Note :
in English, if we want to ask about name, whe use “what”, but in Bahasa we use “Siapa”. For example:

Siapa namamu?
What is your name ?
Siapa nama ibumu?
What is your mother’s name?

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