Thank You Phrases

Hallo selamat datang kembali. Wellcome back ! Do you ever ask people to help you? What do you say after they help you ? So now we will learn how to say and respond thank you in Bahasa Indonesia.

Ways To Say Thank You


Thank you

Terimakasih banyak
Thank you so much or thanks a lot

Terimakasih atas bantuannya
Thanks for your help

Terimakasih telah membantu saya
Thanks for helping me

Kamu sangat membantu saya
You help me alot

Saya sangat menghargai itu
I really Aooreciate it

Saya sangat berterimakasih
I’m really gratful

Anda sangat baik
That’s so kind of you or you are very kind

Saya berutang budi padamu
I owe you one

Kamu sangat dermawan
You’re very generous

Kamu membantuku sekali, terimakasih
You help me a lot, thank you

Respond to thank you


You’re welcome

Tidak masalah
No problem

Jangan khawatir
No worries

Dengan senang hati
My pleasure


Itu yang bisa saya lakukan
It was the least I could do

Senang bisa membantu
Glad to help

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Now you know how to say and respond thank you in Bahasa Indonesia. If you have question or any something to ask, you can write comment on bellow. Have a nice day ! 🙂


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