Travel : Asking for Direction Vocabulary

If you are on the stranger place or lost in somewhere and you don’t know where is it so you want to ask direction, how can you go to the place? and what would you say ? Now we will learn how to asking and giving direction in Bahasa. Let’s we started !

Asking Direction

Excuse me

Bagaimana caranya untuk menuju kantor polisi?
How do I get to Police station, please?

Dimanakah tempat pemberhentian bis?
Where is the bus stop please?

Bisa tolong jelaskan jalan menuju ke Balai Kota?
Can you tell me the way to City Hall?

Giving Direction

Jalan Terus
Go straigh on

Jalan lurus ke depan
Go straight ahead

Pergi sepanjang jalan
Go along the street

Pergi ke jembatan
Go over the bridge

Pergi lewati taman
Go through the park

Sebrangi jalan
Cross the street

Go past….

Pergi ke kiri / kanan
Go left / right

Belok ke kiri / kanan
Turn left / right

Ambil belokan pertama di kiri / kanan
Take the first on the left / right

Ambil belokan kedua di kiri / kanan
Take the second on the left / right

Go round

Transition Word

Kemudian / Terus

Berikutnya / Terus

Ketika kamu sampai di . . .
When you get to . . .

Setelah itu
After that


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Now you now how to asking and giving direction. If you have something to ask about direction, you can write comment on bellow. Enjoy travel and selamat bersenang-senang 🙂


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