Travel : Checkin at Hotel Dialog

Are you on trip for bussines? Where do you staying while you are on trip? If you will stay in Hotel and you want to rest after your long trip but the reseption only speak with Bahasa, how do you chek in. In this lesson we will learn how to check-in with Bahasa Indonesia

Selamat malam pak,
Good evening Sir

Nama saya David
My name is David

Saya telah memesan kamar untuk hari ini
I have a reservation for today

Biar saya periksa
Let me check

Bisakah anda mengeja nama anda
Could you spell your name please


Terimakasih tuan David
Thank you Mr. David

Ini kunci kamar Anda
Here’s your room key

Apakah ada toko / tempat belanja di hotel ini?
Is there shop in this hotel?

Tidak ada, tetapi ada toko kecil di bangunan sebelah
No but there’s a small grocery store in the next building

Kapan waktu untuk sarapan?
What time’s breakfast

Mulai dari jam 6.00 AM sampai dengan jam 7.30 di ruang makan lantai pertama
From 6.00 to 7.30 in the dining room on the first floor

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So If you have any question and have something to ask you can write comment on bellow. Enjoy your trip 🙂


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