Travel : Hotel Reservation

Do you want to travel to somewhere? or go for bussines travel? How do you say to making a reservation in Bahasa Indonesia? So now we will learn how Indonesian people making a hotel Reservation. Let’s Go !!!


Reservation :

Making a hotel reservation in Bahasa Indonesia

Saya ingin memesan kamar
I’d like a room please

Apa ada kamar yang kosong?
Do you have any rooms available

Saya mau kamar untuk satu orang
I want a room for one person

Saya mau kamar untuk dua orang
I want a room for two person

Saya mau kamar dengan pemandangan laut
I’d like an ocean view

Berapa harga satu malam?
How much for one night?

Berapa harganya?
What’s the price

Berapa biayanya?
What is the charger

Apakah termasuk sarapan?
Is breakdast included?

Berapa harga dengan termasuk sarapan?
How much for a room including breakfast?

Ada yang lebih murah?
Is there anything cheaper?

Berapa biaya pelayanan dan pajak nya?
how much the service charge and tax?

Saya mau kamar ini untuk satu minggu
I’ll take this room for a week


Conversation :



Saya ingin memesan kamar
I would like to make a hotel reservation

Untuk kapan ?
What date would you like to make that reservation for?

Tanggal 24 Agustus 
On August 24th.

Untuk berapa lama ?
How long will you be staying?

Satu Minggu
One week

Kamar untuk berapa orang ?
How many people will be staying in the room?

Saya sendirian
I will be staying in the room alone.

Kamar anda sudah terpesan. Anda harus datang sebelum pukul 4:00 di hari saat anda Cek In
Your room is booked. You must arrive before 4:00 the day you are to check in.

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So that is how to making a hotel reservation in Bahasa Indonesia. Let’s travel !! 🙂


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